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October 04, 2016

There is currently a focus on the ‘Growth Sectors’ as described in this publication. But other sectors employ large numbers of people in South Yorkshire.

Health and social care is one of the main employment sectors, accounting for over 16% of employment in South Yorkshire. Other large employers are currently wholesale and retail, manufacturing and education.

The mostnew jobs created between 2009 and 2013 were in administration and support services, professional, scientific and technical activities, and water, sewerage and waste management.

For all sectors, according to forecast figures (published by Working Futures UKCES), it would be reasonable to assume that there will be more competition for administrative jobs, skilled trades, and operative jobs.

There is likely to be higher demand than currently for managers, professionals and associate professionals (also known as technicians) and care workers.

All employers agree that the skills of a prospective employee are as important as knowledge. In an increasingly competitive international job market, attributes such as being resilient, adaptable, creative, problem solving and able to communicate and work as part of a team are essential.

It is estimated that ‘replacement’ demands (job openings created by people leaving the labour force temporarily or permanently) will contribute almost eight times as many job openings as net job growth over the next decade: 302,000 openings compared with 39,000.

There will be a need to recruit suitably skilled people across all broad occupational groups, including those projected to decline. (From the UKCES Sheffield City Region (SCR) LEP LMI Summary.

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