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December 10, 2015

Social Media Strategists

Social media strategists use social media tools to help companies interact with customers, increase brand awareness, create buzz, increase traffic and provide information.

Green Funeral Directors

Green funeral directors incorporate environmentally friendly options to meet the needs of families who want a green service.

Green Funeral Directors

Green funeral directors incorporate environmentally friendly options to meet the needs of families who want a green service.


Bloggers research and write blog posts in a conversational style to engage readers online.

Interior Re-designers

Interior re-designers remodel your home using the things you already have, either re-purposing them for other uses or putting them in other rooms.

Patient Advocates

There are several types of patient advocates, and although their services vary, all of them want to make sure that the patient and family are informed and help to make things easier on everyone.

Community Managers or Content Managers

Community managers or content managers are an extension of a typical marketing role, but on a more personal level. They serve as a liaison between the company and the public, managing a Web site that allows them to engage with community members and spread the word about the company.

Senior Move Management

Senior move management companies help older adults and families with the physical and emotional demands of downsizing, relocating or modifying their homes.

User Experience Analyst

User experience analysts look for ways to make using a web site easier, more pleasant and more engaging for consumers.

Video Journalists

In the 1980s, reporters had to shoot and edit their own stories because of lack of manpower and resources. To save money, now almost 30 years later, this role is back, where large-market news groups hire small-market reporters as video journalists at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Business Service Providers

Many people are forming their own companies by way of telecommuting, offering such virtual services as customer service, concierge services or even public relations from their homes.

App Designer

Design the look and feel of the app.

App Developer

Plans all aspects of how a user will navigate their way through an app.

Green Deal Assessor

The Green Deal allows consumers to make energy-saving improvements to their home or business without having to pay all the costs upfront.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is generally responsible for all social media activity carried out by a company, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and others.

Chief Listening Officer

One step up from a “social media manager,” the Chief Listening Officer keeps their ears (and eyes) on social channels and real life conversations to keep the company up to speed on what their customers are saying. Before social media, business was a one way channel of communication.

Elderly Care

As the population ages and baby boomers become grandparents, an increasing amount of attention is being turned to the care of the elderly.

Sustainability Expert

Sustainability Experts are hired by companies to share their expertise in the “green or alternative energy space“ so companies can help their business move in the direction of having better sustainable practices in place.

User Experience Design

What is user experience design? Quite simply, experiences created and shaped through technology and how to make them happen.

Market Research Data Miner

As customer information becomes more and more vital to the retail experience, businesses are compiling data in droves—and hiring experts to make sense of it.

Search Engine Optimisation Specialist

SEO Specialist manages clients paid search campaigns to research keywords and provide ideas to help improve the clients ranking on search sites like Google and yahoo.

Web Content Strategist

A Web content strategist is responsible for planning content creation, delivery, and management of content written or in other media.

The Android Developer

The Android Developer is someone who develops and works on new and existing applications and framework for android devices.

The Data Scientist

A data scientist is somebody who does not simply just collect and report on data, but also looks at it from many angles, determines what it means, then recommends ways to apply the data.

Chief Privacy Officer

The Chief Privacy Officer is a senior level executive within a business or organisation who is responsible for managing the risks and business impacts of privacy laws and policies.

3D Printed Clothing Designer

3D designs have recently appeared on catwalks. 3D printing presents affordable manufacturing possibilities.

Virtual Lawyer

As more of our daily life goes online, we need specialist lawyers to resolve legal disputes.

The Big Data Architect

The Big Data Architect provides advanced technical support in the research, experimentation, business analysis and use of systems technology including architecture, integration capabilities and database management.

The Cloud Services Specialist

Cloud Storage Specialist has obtained an in-depth level of proficiency with the mechanisms, devices, technologies, practices, and overall assessment criteria pertaining to cloud storage technologies and services.

The Digital Marketing Specialist

The Digital Marketing Specialist manages the execution of all digital and online marketing.

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