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It’s all about skills!

December 14, 2015

These are skills which are sometimes called ‘transferable skills’. They are needed in many different types of jobs by employers. Think about how you can show and develop your skills.


What is it?

How to show it... some suggestions


Getting along well with others, listening and understanding instructions. Joining in with discussions.

Contributing at school. Being good at writing.
Presenting in school or college.

Making decisions

People who can make decisions, who gather the important facts, consider alternatives and ask for advice, think about the effects so that they can make a good decision.

Having a researched career plan and a back up if things don’t work out. Knowing where to find things out (using information well).

Showing commitment/Accepting responsibility

People who are interested, dependable, reliable, enthusiastic, and enjoy hard work. These people need less supervision.

Work experience (vital for some careers), part-time work, feedback from teachers/other adults. Persevering (trying hard!) if things don’t work out first time.


People who are adaptable and flexible. Employers like people who have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Having a part-time job. Managing different subject deadlines.

Time management

People who are organised. These people are good time keepers and can prioritise.

Managing a number of deadlines (different subjects at school). Fitting in a part-time job with studies.

Leadership skills

People who lead by example, constantly look to improve, motivate themselves, are positive, and know when to follow instructions and when to show initiative.

Undertaking things such as Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) Award, joining local cadet programmes.

Creativity and problem-solving skills

People who apply both logic and creativity to solve problems.

Write a blog on something that interests you. Learn to computer code.

Being a team player

Team players who have the team goals in their mind and works with others to achieve them. People how are open and honest and listen to others.

Sport activities, contributing to projects at school/college, volunteering.


People who show initiative. People who are motivated and present themselves well.

Undertaking D of E, setting up a new club at school. Attending employer talks/visits if offered through school.

Ability to work under pressure

People who can work to targets or deadlines.

Being organised with homework deadlines for a number of subjects.


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