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Transport & Distribution (Logistics)

South Yorkshire is well-placed for transport and logistics due to excellent road and rail connectivity.

As in many other sectors, there is a big demand for younger, replacement employees due to an ageing workforce. Job areas within the sector include mail and couriering, warehousing and storage, wholesaling, freight transport and removals.

Types of Job

Airport baggage handler
Nation Average Salary: £27,280
Storage & warehouse manager
Nation Average Salary: £31,776
Large goods vehicle driver
Nation Average Salary: £27,268
Fork lift truck driver
Nation Average Salary: £22,430
Logistics analyst
Nation Average Salary: £30,735

Are you a good problem solver? Are you interested in the efficient movement of goods?
Are you good at planning using a logical approach?

This work sector has a wide number of different apprenticeship opportunities and levels, depending on where your interests lie.

The apprenticeship areas covered by Transport and Distribution have strong links to business administration, plus a wide range of more specialist roles including Logistics Operations, Supply Chain Management, Traffic Office and Warehousing and Storage.

Depending on your apprenticeship, you could be studying moving and/or handling goods in logistics, improving performance in logistics operations, monitoring the transportation of supplies through to how to develop a supply chain for the organisation (at a Higher level apprenticeship).

As the industry develops, there is increasing use of technology, with drones being piloted to deliver parcels. This means ICT roles are increasing within the transport and logistics sector.

Remember to look at entry requirements and progression routes with your chosen providers as part of your decision making process. Talk to as many people as possible and do your research.

Regional Facts

This sector has an output of £930 million in Sheffield City Region. It employs around 27,900 people in South Yorkshire, plus a further 20,500 in wholesale and is set to grow, creating hundreds of additional jobs in the next few years.

The sector needs young people to join the sector and there are many diverse job roles available.

Over 8,300 people are employed in this sector in Doncaster. This is set to grow/expand due to developments in the airport corridor and the i-port.

The world’s largest aircraft (AN-225) is chartered through DS Airport by global companies, including Shell. It costs over £2 million to hire!

The sector is becoming more complex as our needs for goods and services becomes more competitive. Employers need a workforce that can solve problems and organise things efficiently.

Career Facts


  • Teamworking
  • Problem solving
  • Good organisation
  • Attention to detail
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Ability to work under pressure

Useful subjects include:

  • ICT
  • Maths
  • Business studies
  • English
  • Languages

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