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The Sheffield City Region has a broad and mixed economic base. The following sectors are important in driving future growth, jobs and success:

The economic base has transformed over the last twenty years from being dominated by more traditional manufacturing to a wider range of knowledge economy sectors. According to a recent report, ‘The Digital Revolution;’
‘As machines take over more and more routine tasks, paid work of all kinds and at every level will increasingly depend on applying knowledge in novel contexts and performing non-routine tasks.’

We encourage people to use this resource in as many ways as possible; in discussions and research, lesson material (where appropriate) and creating a link to your own website to disseminate the key messages as widely as possible. The City Region’s strategic location at the heart of the UK, strong transport links, its diversity of cultural offer, two Universities and a number of higher education colleges, make it an attractive place in which to live, work, visit, study and invest.

Global changes in the labour market means the demand for an increasingly flexible highly skilled workforce will increase. Knowing where the opportunities lie is part of planning for the future.

*The Digital Revolution (May 2016) www.edge.co.uk/news/2016/may/the-digital-revolution.